Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back to Boston

So even though I am complaining about the lack of snow at Tahoe, I wasn't there for the vertical ice skating dangerfest. I was in Boston.

I got to wander around one of my old neighborhoods in Boston, Allston. Allston is mostly a student ghetto. The kind of place where 19 year old kids are shrieking in the alley behind your barely heated cockroach infested brownstone at 3am. They are shrieking in laughter because peeing on your car is hi-larious. September 1st is known as Christmas in Allston. That's the day everyone plays musical apartments and leaves presents in the street for other poor college students that may need or want unfinished pine furniture and very questionably smelling sofas. One Christmas Day in Allston, a long, long time ago, a guy was putting out a computer on the corner as I was walking by. He asked me if I wanted it. I thought even if it didn't work I could cannibalize it for parts to feed my other computers and took it home with me. That computer was named CATP.dec.net and it served DNS for a while. The name wasn't just about the funny smell. CATP was the symbol for Cambridge Technology Partners. I have nothing to say about Cambridge Technology Partners other than that they should have thought a little harder when picking their NASDAQ symbol. They're gone now.

Allston was also the place where I lived in a house with 6 or 7 of my friends (depending on whether you want to count the guy that lived on our couch) and our many, many computers just blocks from several other houses containing several other friends and their many, many computers. There was always a party somewhere and it was usually downstairs. The red velour sofa had neon running lights and some sort of bass thumping action. The whole place was magic. I have so much affection for Allston.

This weekend I wandered down Brighton Ave and Harvard Ave seeing shops that had changed since I lived there and some that hadn't. I went to V. Majestic for lunch. When the owner greeted me with a huge smile and a "Hey, long time!" I almost burst into tears.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEY! Next time let me know when your in town, Could have had lunch or something, jeez! -SR

March 14, 2007 6:16 PM  

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